On June 4 The Charitable Foundation “Talents of Ukraine” Held An Excursion For Children And Youth Of The Socio-psychological Rehabilitation Center

1560390_1634524733450112_4234140116864789857_nToday the Charitable Foundation “Talents of Ukraine” held an excursion for children and youth of the Socio-psychological Rehabilitation Center of Children and Youth with Disabilities of Podil district of Kyiv. At the end of the excursion the quiz was organized and the most active students received gifts for the correct answers to the quiz questions.
The Charitable Foundation “Talents of Ukraine” from September 2015 will enable residents of different regions of Ukraine to visit the exhibition of children’s paintings from Europe “The Palette of Fantasies” free of charge and get to know the culture of other countries.
Remember that everyone can visit the exhibition in Kyiv till June 6, 2015.
You can sign up for free organized excursions at the exhibition “The Palette of Fantasies” by the tel.: (044) 494-10-10; (063) 280-93-33.

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