About the Foundation

The charitable foundation “Talents of Ukraine” was founded in 2012 to support and develop the talents of children and youth in the arts and increase the social significance, creative potential and cultural value of children’s art in general.

Furthermore one of the most important aims is a help in uniting and coordination the efforts of organizations and people, that render assistance in socialization and development of creativity of children with special needs not only in Ukraine but also all around the world.

The main projects of the foundation:

– V. S. Antonov International Competition of Young Woodwind Instrument Performers (2011-2013);

– Charitable Program ARTDAYCARE in Ukraine (2014);

– Children’s Art Gallery in Ukraine;

– The First Exhibition of Children with Special Needs “White Rainbow” (2014);

– Children’s Art Gallery of Europe in Ukraine (opening in May 2015);

– V. N. Babenko Ukrainian Open Competition of Brass Wind Instrument Performers (November 2015).