Children’s Art Gallery

CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY OF UKRAINE is a socially oriented long-term project on the creation of educational and exhibition centre of children’s art in Ukraine.

The main goal of the project is an education and development of child’s personality, his/her artistic and aesthetic education, as well as shaping of spiritual culture. Art should be considered as a basis of the productive development of a child, and as a potential giving him/her a great growth. It can be opened in every child.

DSC_9801_HDR копия          DSC_9774_HDR копия

While creating a painting children gain different knowledge, their conceptions about the environment are specified and deepened. Children start to comprehend the qualities of items, memorize their features and details, master artistic skills, learn how to embody images on the canvas. Art also has a considerable therapeutic influence, relieves stress, fears, and guarantees a positive emotional condition.
An artistic activity helps children to show their inner world and feelings that are embodied in paintings. That’s why taking into consideration the importance of children’s art CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY OF UKRAINE provides assistance in the development of creative potential of children and creates the centre of children’s art in Ukraine.