Children’s Art Gallery of Europe

CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY OF UKRAINE as a part of the international cooperation is going to open CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY OF EUROPE in May 2015. The exhibition is dedicated to the celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine. Paintings of children from 3 to 14 years old from the European Union countries will be displayed at the exhibition.

The goal of this event is to draw attention to children’s art, open new talents, and assist in their development. Moreover one of the most important tasks of the exhibition consists in building and strengthening closer relationships between Ukraine and European countries in the area of culture, popularization the general European cultural heritage among the society, in particular, among young people.

The opening of CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY OF EUROPE as well as the celebration of Europe Day in Ukraine is an important step to strengthening of Ukraine’s self-definition as a European country that is involved in traditions and values of Europe. It is a symbol of the beginning of new successful sample of cooperation between countries based on general interests and aspirations.